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Dentitox Pro™


Dentitox Pro

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What is Dentitox Pro?

Dentitox Pro is a brand-new product designed to improve dental health and prevent decay.Improved inhalation. Gums and teeth that are healthier and stronger.

This is a completely natural remedy with no chemical additions.
The following components are used in a specific formula to treat dental problems:

 Ingredients of Dentitox Pro

It acts as a preservative in the solution and helps to prevent sugar crystallisation in the teeth.
Dentitox drops serve to keep moisture in the mouth after application and protect the tooth surface from stains and discoloration.
This oil helps in the removal of bacteria that cause cavities as well as the prevention of gum inflammation.

It is popularly known as Sambucus Nigra.
Sambucus Nigra, a strong fruit with pain-relieving effects, is another name for it. Toothaches and swollen gums can be relieved with Dentitox. It also aids in the prevention of tooth decay by preventing germs and other non-essential microbes from adhering to the tooth enamel.

Ionized Phosphoric Acid :
It prevents dental erosion by thickening the enamel on the tooth's outer surface.
Dentitox Pro aids in the bonding of teeth and the prevention of tooth loss. It also helps to reduce pH levels and prevents saliva from becoming acidic, which is beneficial to dental health.
It helps to prevent gum disease and minimises mouth ulcers.

Potassium :
It helps in the reduction of pain impulses from exposed nerves beneath the gums.
Dentitox Pro helps to maintain a healthy gum hold while reducing tooth sensitivity. Periodontal disease is fought with Dentitox Pro oil, which stimulates gum recession.To regulate pain signals, the supplement closes the overexposed dentinal tubules. Dentitox Pro fights bacteria and prevent

Zinc Citrate
It is used to prevent bad breath by removing plaque buildup.
Dentitox Pro decreases the acidic quality of saliva and reduces the formation of calculus at the root.
It protects teeth from decay and enamel degradation.
Dentitox prevents periodontal disease by having an immune effect on the oral tissues.
It aids in the remineralization of teeth and the prevention of cavities.
Dentitox Pro oil is helpful.

Calcium :
Calcium is required for the healthy development of teeth.
Dentitox Pro helps to keep teeth and jaw tissues healthy.
Dentitox aids in the hardening of the enamel and the prevention of tooth erosion.
Dentitox Pro improves the condition of the teeth's root by preventing the buildup of bacteria due to its high antimicrobial characteristics.
It drops also assist to prevent cavities by reducing gum inflammation.

Tooth decay must be reduced while gum health is improved.
Dentitox works by suppressing the growth of streptococcus mutans in the mouth, which prevents the generation of acid that causes tooth decay.
It will prevent dental cavities and bacteria attack, the supplement cleans plaque by neutralising the acidic levels in the saliva.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an acronym for Methylsulfonylmethane.
It promotes bone growth and increases its osteogenic potential.
Dentitox facilitates the conversion of stem cells into osteoblast-like cells, resulting in healthier teeth.
It helps in the provision of necessary minerals to the teeth as well as the regulation of saliva pH levels.
The supplement aids in the prevention of saliva acidification and the improvement of oral tissues.

Indian Licorice Root Extract:
It prevents toxins from invading the mouth and causing chronic dental problems.
Dentitox promotes healthy teeth and gums, preventing tooth decay and ensuring a firm grip on the gums.

It has long been used to promote tooth health because of its potent antioxidant and disease-preventive properties.
Dentitox is a natural gum and oral tissue strengthener.
It also helps to prevent mouth infections and ulcers, as well as toothaches and inflamed gums.
By removing microorganisms from the mouth, it oil reduces sensitivity and reverses tooth decay.

Antimicrobial drugs are present to inhibit the spread of oral bacteria.
Dentitox aids in plaque reduction and protects dental cells from inflammation and discomfort.
It protects against dental cavities by eradicating streptococcus mutans germs in the mouth.
It prevents blood loss through the mouth by reducing oral infections and boosting healing factors.

Cinnamon Oil:
It contains chemicals that are necessary for cavity protection.
Dentitox Pro helps to keep gums healthy by reducing fungal and bacterial infections.
Dentitox has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics that help the body rid itself of bacteria and mouth infections.
It is used to keep teeth clean and to decreasing the risk of toothaches.
Bacterial growth is slowed by the supplement oil.

Peppermint Oil:
It is mostly used to prevent unpleasant breath or malodour.
It aids in the prevention of bacteria growth, which improves gum health.
Dentitox has anti-inflammatory effects that aid to minimise swelling, and the nutrients help to increase tooth bone density.
It increases overall oral health and improves tooth and jaw tissues.

                                                                          Benifits of Dentitox Pro

Prevents the decaying of teeth

Improved inhalation

Gums and teeth that are healthier and stronger

Immune system performance has improved.

A healthier, brighter smiles

It helps to get rid of bacteria and plaque.

Oral pathogens are no longer present.

It aids in the prevention of tooth decay, oral infections, and mouth ulcers.

It helps to alleviate tooth and gum problems.


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Are natural, sourced from local growers that let plants reach their full maturity and use no chemical treatments.

🧡Are mixed in the right way and in the right amount to keep their properties intact.

🧡Are processed under strict sterile standards with regularly disinfected equipment.